New York City based singer-songwriter, Ruby Collins, combines powerful songs with a rootsy, pop, soulful feel, creating an unmistakable sound. Her lyrics provide honest, witty, and sharp observations on life, and she sings them with a voice that is angelic raw and filled with emotion.

"What makes Ruby such a deep writer and overwhelming talent, besides her God given gifts, is that ... it is all about music as an art form".  Her songs make one dream and liberates your heart.

Ruby Collins Music Place


   In 2007 Ruby started RC MUSIC PLACE.  RC Music Place offers all its students, the highest quality of artistic services. RC Music Place ensures that each and every student ill receive the undivided attention they deserve! RC Music Place offers piano, guitar, violin, bass, ukulele, cello, voice and music theory lessons. 
   The purpose of RCMUSIC PLACE is to bring young students closer to family values and culture. goal is to provide a positive outlet where all students can express their talent. Stimulate an awareness of their inner abilities, hidden strengths and talents and bring students to a higher level in music and performance. 
    RC Music Place goal is to prepare students to excel in society by providing an opportunity for them to express themselves creatively. We would like their experience at RCMUSIC PLACE to become a gift that participants will take with them forever. 
    At RCMUSIC PLACE, the mission is to build a sense of community with the students. RC Music Place strive to provide leadership and positive engagement for all students.    For more in formation visit:    http://rcmusicplace.com/